As part of the Inner Circle, you now have free access to our official IC Transformation Challenges!

Our next Transformation Challenge will begin on February 15, 2020 and the rules are simple:

  • Join the challenge by confirming in the IC FB group.
  • Commit to all 45 days.
  • Take your "before"photos and all relevant stats (check the guide for details) and post them no later than 2/15/20.
  • Train your ass off, eat a high quality diet, and follow the rules.
  • After 45 days, take your "after" photos and post all relevant stats in our FB group.
  • The winner will be determined your weight loss progress, your measurements, your participation in the group, and following the rules of the challenge.
  • The winner will receive one of several sweet prizes and can include official FDN gear, coaching calls, gift cards, electronics, and fitness gear.

Keep in mind that this challenge is entirely optional and won't cost you anything, but if your goal is fat loss, you've got nothing to lose by joining.

Challenge guides: